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Eminence Mansion

This project has 3.3 meters height ceiling throughout, giving the residence a continuing elevated space of majesty and comfort. The ceiling has been deftly crafted to hold a hand made crystal chandelier, which hangs above the circular marble and wood inlaid coffee table in the living room. A similar chandelier with matching crystals resides above the dining table, establishing continuity from space to space. Sensuously rich materials have been combined for flooring patterns celebrating historical magnificence. A subtle and soft color palette was introduced to living room and dining room.

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Chinoiserie Villa S3

This project uses simple neoclassical framework to build a space that merges Chinoiserie and Western Classic together. Some Chinoiserie elements are used such as the Huizhou architectural archway that connects the main hallway and living room. Texture rich travertine stone, with its calming and elegant color is used throughout the majority of the public area.

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Runze Palace

The show home introduces the space concept of the Empire style with vertical wall panelling and jamb details, profiling a spacious architectural structure, displaying the Empire power and glory. The overall design borrows eighteenth century luxury living style as a backdrop, where the oriental culture begins its influence in the western world. Many exquisite oriental decorative arts and interior architectural elements are integrated into the design such as traditional arts and craft called Beijing Cao style Kite, Tibetan Buddhism embroidery, and the golden Chinese painting on black lacquered.

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OroNero Bar & Ristorante: taking black gold as its inspiration, the unusual concept of this restaurant transcends fashion yet takes all its energy and glamour from the essence of Italian luxury: the crafts and tradition of couture, jewellery, vintage cars, gastronomy and fine wines...all edited, blended and re-imagined with high glamour and a cinematographic approach to story-telling that goes beyond dining. OroNero is styled like a high-fashion private jet with a sense of humour, playing with the senses and imagination of the customers.

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Zenith City

Replace artificial luxuries with natural textures, refine design language from traditional culture, and construct an antiseismic and safe residence that represents oriental aesthetics of abundance. Display a complete piece of Chibi marble slab with natural texture to bring out the surging momentum, reappear the image of Chinese splash-ink paintings with a complete piece of marble slab of landscape texture, to convey a feel of serenity from oriental elements.

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EXXEO is an Elegant Hybrid Piano for contemporary spaces. It’s unique shape embodies the three dimensional fusion of sound waves. Customers can fully customizable their piano to be in harmony with its surroundings as a Decorative Art piece. This high-tech piano is made out of Exotic materials like Carbon Fiber, premium Automotive Leather and Aerospace grade Aluminum.Advanced soundboard speaker system; recreates the broad dynamic range of the Grand pianos through the 200 Watts, 9 speaker sound system. It’s dedicated built-in battery enables the piano to perform up to 20 hours on a single charge.

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